8 tips to travel the world with a small budget

If you ever traveled to other countries, you know how expensive it can be. That’s why I’ve decided to put together this short list of 8 tips and tricks that you can use to reduce your traveling costs substantially.


1 – Choose hostels over hotels. These are usually cheaper than your normal hotels because they are targeted at backpackers. They also tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere, where you have the possibility to interaction with world travelers. And if you’re not the type of person who like to share bedroom and bathroom, there are hostels that offer private rooms, just like a hotel suite.

2 – Make sure you spent some time prior to traveling to make hostel reservations. Using sites like hostelworld.com you can find affordable places with very little to no risk. These are usually really nice and comfortable guesthouses/hotels.

Cheap Air and Land

3 – Start and end your journey in the same city, preferably a country capital, because the price of airline tickets often vary from airport to airport. Make flight simulations (like skyscanner.com) and see which one offers the option of cheaper flights and at which days of the week.

4 – On land, consider a “sleep while traveling” model. This is particularly useful if you’re traveling by train or bus for more than 7-8 hours straight.. You’re going to be paying for your ticket anyway, so might as well sleep while you’re traveling.

5 – If you are traveling in smaller groups seriously consider renting a car. Besides the priceless freedom to stop anytime, you can also stop and use your binoculars to view nice looking views. ALso travelling in a car also gives you the freedomin of not being tied to schedules or bus routes, or worrying about ticket availability, the more people you have the easier it is to share renting fees, and in most cases it’s a lot cheaper than buying individual tickets.

Here’s a quick video on how to find cheap plane tickets:

Restaurants and Food

6 – Eat where the locals eat. That simple. If you buy food at tourist, you’ll pay tourist prices.

7 – Also make sure to buy food at supermarkets, not just restaurants. Most hostels usually offer fully equipped kitchens, so take maximum advantage of what you’re already paying anyway.

Attractions, Tours and visits

8 – Note that some attractions usually have day of the week with free admission. If so, try to plan your activities in order to take advantage of that. Do proper research and look through tour guides to make sure that you’re saving the most amount of cash possible.

There you have it. 8 tips that will make your holidays a lot cheaper. Guaranteed. I can’t reinforce this enough… Make sure you do proper research and book everything ahead of time.

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