Use these 3 websites to compare flight prices online

One mistake I see people make all the time is not use websites like Skyscanner or Expedia to compare flight prices. Sometimes different companies charge completely different prices for the exact same flight. This will largely depend on how many tickets they have to sell or promote, and what the demand is for those flights, but you can save a substantial about of money on your trip if you choose the right company to buy your tickets from.


skyscanner logo

This is an international website that includes pretty much every commercial route in the world. This site does not sell tickets or anything for that matter. It tells you where to find them and gives you the right links. Skyscanner was born in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland and is one of the most downloaded mobile apps.

The company has partnership with leading airline companies and other travel agency sites. The issue with this website is that sometimes it shows inaccurate figures. I’ve done a research where the cost for the trip on Skyscanner wasn’t the same as the one presented on the airline’s website. But for most of the times this doesn’t happen.


expedia logo

Famous online American agency, perhaps the most popular in the world. They’re not the best when it comes website structure and order handling. But they’re definitely one worth checking out.

The site does not have a defined niche (flights or hotels or packages, etc.). Expedia was one of the first online agencies trips to develop mobile applications for phones and tablets. I found this site to have higher prices for the same search I did on other sites, so even with all the popularity, this should not be the only researching tool you’re using.


kayak logo

Kayak is a technology company that creates tools that simplify the process of searching for online travel. The App Kayak is used by more than 35 million people around the world. Maybe that’s why the site is so basic!

The prices are very similar to the other travel agency and travelling search engines, so this is definitely something that you should use regularly.


And finally, remember that those websites are the best ways to find the cheapest air tickets on the web. They crush the prices like the garbage disposals crush your waste in the kitchen.

There is no better place to look for your tickets than those three site.

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